Stefanie is a life coach who surprised me from the start with her bright, shining inner light. It affected me in an astonishing way by lifting me up from the deepest pit of my crisis and to a much lighter place mentally. She gave me confidence that there is indeed a way up and forward. Her way of listening is astonishing and her way of summarising my situation based on what I ramble is so accurate and helpful. With Stefanie's help I finally feel like I may just sort out my mess and this is the first time in a long time that I feel hope! Stefanie is truly amazing. She really listens. She really understands because her mind is so analytical. I sincerely recommend her.
Linda R.
Journalist  - Finnland
March 21, 2020
The most important were the cyclical meetings, motivating to act and accounting for the planned activities. It is easier to do the change in your life with somebody who has a distance to your life and your emotions. Who can show you possible ways, and give you positive feedback based on reality, on facts. Your coaching was a help in the difficult situation I found myself in.
Malgorzata S.
Senior Architect  - Warsaw, Poland
January 15, 2020
Stef was able to ask some really great questions to allow me to really explore what was next. I was so excited to be following through with this and I was visually excited and eager and was probably a challenging client! Stef did great with sharing my enthusiasm and keeping us task! Stef was attentive, I could feel a sincere desire to get to know me. Stef asked some great questions that guided me along to brilliant aha moments and answers! Stef wasn’t writing the whole time – and I liked that. For me it showed that she was listening yet wanted to make sure we connected on something I said. It was a pleasure being coached by Stef!
Jennifer A.
Coach  - British Columbia, Canada
November 19, 2019
It is amazing how easy it is to become unstuck when you have the right person on your team.  Coach Stef is that person for me!  I was struggling with accessing not only my creativity, but also having a lot of issues with overthinking.  Goals that did not have an end for me were the biggest challenge as I did not have a "check box" to let me know when I accomplished it.  I have been struggling with the anxiety this causes for a long time, but did not see a solution.  In a very small amount of time, Coach Stef was able to provide the perfect solution for me.  I found that she not only has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter, she does it with compassion, non-judgment and empathy.  I am currently on my way to creating a life by my design and I will make sure to keep Coach Stef in my corner.
Christine F.
North America
September 24, 2019
I really do recommend the coaching weekend with Coach Stef for those, who want to use the energy of Iceland to get away from their daily routine, take inventory of their life and discover new perspectives.
Andrea E.
Lawyer  - Cologne, Germany
August 22, 2019
One of the biggest problems for me in a coaching session is to be able to open up to my coach and be provided a safe space to work on my goal in all honesty. Stefanie’s good heart and great personality is disarmingly welcoming and worthy of trust. When she coached me, she made me feel safe and confident to open up to her. I discussed with her my goals and she challenged me very professionally and helped me set the steps I needed to achieve my goals. Thank you Coach Stefanie Scheidgen!
Mohamedou Ould Salahi
Author of the Guantanamo diary  - Nouakchott, Mauritania
June 26, 2019
I have been coached by Stefanie Scheidgen since December 2018, she has helped me set life goals for myself. Stefanie is a great motivator and gives me praises and on-point questions to help me reach my goals in an efficient manner. I could not have gone this far without her help. Stefanie is always there for you, when you need her. I would absolutely recommend to anyone to get coached by her, she has a good way with people and she is quick to adapt to your personality and needs, I think that helped a lot. Stefanie is definitely a people’s person, her presence is incredibly warm and it doesn’t ruin how joyful she is.
Svandís Alexía
Reykjavík, Iceland
February 01, 2019
I worked with Stefanie on helping me restart a project that I hadn't worked on for three and a half years.  She asked good questions, helped me find my answers, and remove the blocks that had kept me from making progress.  I learned about myself and would definitely work with her again!
Bill W.
Financial Manager, Johns Hopkins University  - Columbia, MD, United States
January 25, 2019
Thank you Stefanie, your active listening, thought provoking questions, as well as the love, passion and care you showed throughout our coaching sessions ensured that I felt safe to be absolutely real with you. This allowed me put strong emotion to my goals which helped keep me focused my goals ahead. This led me on an incredible journey of insight into my mind, the obstacles that stood in my way which was perfection and the fear of looking less than competent. I could work through my lifelong procreation. Words alone cannot express all the emotion of how, with your coaching has changed my mind in this area of my life, it has changed my life. I look forward to continuing working with you as I truly become the over comer I am. I never could have gotten here without you!
Donna T.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
January 14, 2019
Stefanie has a great insight and is capable of reading the energy of her client. She is keen on helping the client solve the problem and uses intuition and observation skills to do so.
Mariam A.
Saudi Arabia
October 06, 2018