Coaching weekends

Are you interested in a coaching weekend?

Very personal coaching, tailored to your needs.

The coaching weekends are very personal and can be either 1:1 coaching or you and your partner/bestie/friend in coaching sessions with me. During the weekend we will spend 6 hours of coaching, distributed on 3 days. You will stay at the cabin and the coach will come by for coaching sessions. In between sessions you will have time for yourself, which you can use for walks in the beautiful surroundings or diving into the energy of Iceland and use it to get in your own flow.

With these weekends I wanted to create the possibility for people to deeply connect to themselves and be able to reflect without being disturbed by being part of a group of participants. So you get the opportunity to enjoy the quietness of nature around you between coaching sessions. That can lead to great insights, that only come through stillness.

Our Schedule
Day 1 Arrival at the cabin in the afternoon. First introduction session with lining out the goals for the weekend.
Day 2 1 opening session in the morning. 2 hours of coaching in the afternoon, with hands on exercises.
Day 31 coaching session in the morning, 2 hours of coaching in the afternoon, that contain the wrap up and future steps.

Languages available: English, Icelandic, German

Participants will get the opportunity to buy additional coaching to follow up their weekend experience on a special discount.

Participants have also the opportunity to prolong their stay with or without coaching sessions included. So you could combine your coaching experience with some relaxing days on your own in this breathtaking location.

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