Your first step starts in your mind

There is a saying: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Most people would think about the first step as their “physical” step. But actually the first step of your journey, where ever you might go, starts in your mind. Once the idea is born of a journey you are about to embark, your mind starts mapping out the path. So what do you want to visit, see or experience? Do you already know where you want to go or do you just have a vague idea? Exploring that in your mind is the first step for you to go where ever you want! So, let’s do it!

Go with your own flow

Sometimes I do not feel motivated and creative at all. It is like there is not the right energy there. But then there are times where I am just overflowing with ideas and plans.

Every one has their own flow of energy and it is important to honour that. When we respect it, we will always be creative. You can not force creativity to show up, it has to come when it is ready. So if you experience a “low” in your creative energy, just allow it to be. Maybe you just need to rest or some “idle” time in our brain. But you can be sure that, if you respect this times of recreation, the creative times will come so much more powerful to us!

I experienced such a “low” in the last two weeks. I could not get myself to work on my coaching program, get new aspects of training on paper or enjoy working on my business. So I just gave in and did “nothing”, like watching Netflix and reading novels.

This weekend on the other hand I am super creative, feel energised and cant´t wait to get my ideas on paper! So the last two weeks of taking it easy have payed off! Do you go by your flow?

Happy Sunday

Spotts Beach, Grand Cayman

Once it was my dream for many years to go to the Caribbean. In 2015 that dream came true and my daughter and I went to the Cayman Islands. Here on the pic we were at Spotts Beach, where we swam with turtles! What dream do you want to achieve? Do you want me to help you? That´s my job as a Coach! Book a free coaching session with me here! 😊

Happiness starts in your mind

Most of the people think that they need certain things to be happy. “If I was in a relationship I would be so happy”, “If I had that car I would be so happy”. There are two things that come in the way of being happy:

1) make your happiness depend on someone/something
2) make your happiness a reference point in the future

To be really happy it just needs a shift of your mindset. Being happy is actually a state of mind and a decision.

When I find myself doubting my life or being upset about not having “something” I take a moment to get quiet and calm. I sit down and pick three things that I can be grateful for. So many things we take for granted but they are not! I am grateful for having a healthy daughter, for having a safe place to live and for being surrounded by family and friends.

So I appreciate these things and create a space of gratefulness and happiness. It takes time to get used to this practice but it really helps you to improve your wellbeing and yes => happiness

Spring awakening

Spring is coming! How are you preparing for it? Are you cleaning everything, do you declutter, do you put up goals for the summer? Now is the time to take walks in nature, see it awakening and feel the energy that comes from it!

I love this time of the year, especially after I moved to Iceland. Feeling the warm sun again after a cold and dark winter is fantastic! I always get a lot of energy and start new projects!

The power of persistence

Everybody knows that, when you are working on a goal, you will get times where it is hard to proceed. You might encounter obstacles, things are not working out and you start to question yourself and wonder if you are doing the right thing. These moments are normal and are no reason to give up! See these moments of doubt as an opportunity to take inventory.

Analyse what is working and what is not. You can adjust your plan and continue. But the most important thing is that you continue your journey. Keep on walking, reaching goals is not done over night. Those who succeed are those who continue walking in times of doubt and struggles.

Synchronicity vs. “coincidence”

Today I want to talk about “coincidences”. How often do you hear the exclamation “wow, what a coincidence!” or you wonder how come that you meet the exact people that fit to your current life situation like “out of the blue”. There are endless examples, i.e. you always have dreamed about hiking in the Alps and one day your friend calls you and asks if you were up for a hiking adventure there. You meet someone and in the process of getting to know each other better you discover an unbelievable number of things/interests/experiences that you have in common.

The truth is that there are no “coincidences”! This is all part of a synchronicity, an alignment that takes place when we start to think about certain things. Our universe is based on energy and when we think about certain things we are on a special frequency. People or situations on the same frequency get drawn to us and that is what lies behind it.

In his book “Mindpower into the 21.century” John Kehoe writes: “We live in a giant web of energy… When you begin imprinting success upon your subconscious mind it sets up a continuous vibration of this energy………. The subconscious works… with this vibration … attracting to you the people and circumstances necessary for your success.”

So next time you have this situation, thank the universe to help you reaching your goals and be amazed by the process!

Our mindset

These days my mindset is my biggest challenge – it always tricks me into thinking of being not good enough, not trusting the process and being not able to shine as I should. So what do I do? I exchange my negative thoughts into positive right on the spot! So each time I catch myself thinking “I don’t think this will work” or “This is probably just a bad idea” I turn it into “This will work, I know I can do it” and “I’m on the right path, just continue and trust the process”. This process takes time, but the more we get aware of this thought pattern the faster we can exchange them and change our life and abilities to achieve. So => keep on walking!