About me

I am Stef, a CCA Certified Personal Development Coach and Software Engineer. I was born and raised in Cologne, Germany, but have been living in Reykjavík, Iceland, for the last 20 years .

I have always been very interested in people and life with all it´s ups and downs. I have spend many hours with my friends trying to find out what life is all about and how to deal with what it sometimes throws at you.

My passion for people, their life situations and possibilities has led me to becoming a dedicated coach.

My background

I have a broad background which includes a B.Sc in Computer Sciences and a B.A and M.A in Curative Education. I am also a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Zumba Instructor and have a Cabin Crew license.

Got curious about what we can achieve together? Get in touch and find out!