Read of the month (Feb 2020)

I am so sorry, I did not realise that the read of the month was still missing for February!

This month I recommend “The universe has your back” by Gabrielle Bernstein. During my appearance as “Coach of the month” for The go love yourself box (USA) in August 2019, this was the book we discussed in the monthly reading circle.

BTW, if you are looking for a brilliant way to assure you get your amount of self care each month then you should check on this project, which is a great initiative created by Sharon Podobnik.

So, back to the book. Gabrielle is very spiritual and some might find it “too much”, but I really enjoyed her book with hands-on exercises on how to set up a trusting relationship with life, based on the power of the universe.

I read her book during my miracle morning exercises and I took some of her “Universal lessons” with me into each day. She breaks the process of learning to trust the universe in small steps, so it is really easy to get started right away.

Due to this set up it is easy to read “in between” and makes it a perfect book to read on the way to work or when you have some short amount of time for reading.

I hope you will like it 🙂

Read of the month February 2020

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