Read of the month (Jan 2020)

Just in time, here is the read of the month for January!

This month I recommend “The miracle morning” by Hal Eldrod. The book was published in 2012, so it is not new. But I did not read it before now and I thought this is just the perfect opportunity to recommend it because it changed my life, just in the perfect moment!

If you want to change your life significantly with very little effort and still a huge impact then this book is the right one for you! All you have to do is to get up an hour earlier each day and establish a routine of personal empowerment!

What does the trick here is that it will get easy for you to wake up earlier because the excitement of knowing you will start the day with doing something that is uplifting and fulfilling will just get you out of bed without any effort. Hal recommends to reserve one hour each morning where you focus on personal development. What actually happens is you will not miss out any planned self care any more because it is your first priority of the day.

My first morning actually ended that way that I got so excited for the day that I could barely finish my routine. Me, that was very sceptic of this one hour that would be “missing”! He advices six areas of self development, I changed it a little and “customized” it to my needs. So my routine contains the following parts:

  • Sit in silence (10 minutes)
  • Do Yoga (10 minutes)
  • Read an inspirational book (10 minutes)
  • Do some stretching (10 minutes)
  • Take a walk by the sea (15 minutes)

Let me know what you think about it and how your micacle morning routine looks like 🙂

Read of the month January 2020

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