Read of the month (Dec 2019)

I decided to add a new feature on my page, which is called “Read of the month”

So each month I will recommend a book, blog or article, which I really think is a game changer when it comes to life.

This month I recommend “The illusion of money” by Kyle Cease. Kyle Cease started as a standup comedian decades ago but today he works as a coach, motivational speaker and author.

The book starts out with an introduction about money and what is associated with it. But then quickly changes to how to live your life fulfilled according to your purpose. Some chapters end with exercises on what is important to you and how you can live your life in sync with that. I think it is very motivating and offers a new perspective on how to life your life in a way that fulfils you. Especially the rating exercises (reorganise your life according to your “10s”) were an eye opener for me. Let me know what you think about it and enjoy 🙂

Read of the month December 2019

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