Go with your own flow

Sometimes I do not feel motivated and creative at all. It is like there is not the right energy there. But then there are times where I am just overflowing with ideas and plans.

Every one has their own flow of energy and it is important to honour that. When we respect it, we will always be creative. You can not force creativity to show up, it has to come when it is ready. So if you experience a “low” in your creative energy, just allow it to be. Maybe you just need to rest or some “idle” time in our brain. But you can be sure that, if you respect this times of recreation, the creative times will come so much more powerful to us!

I experienced such a “low” in the last two weeks. I could not get myself to work on my coaching program, get new aspects of training on paper or enjoy working on my business. So I just gave in and did “nothing”, like watching Netflix and reading novels.

This weekend on the other hand I am super creative, feel energised and cant´t wait to get my ideas on paper! So the last two weeks of taking it easy have payed off! Do you go by your flow?

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