Happiness starts in your mind

Most of the people think that they need certain things to be happy. “If I was in a relationship I would be so happy”, “If I had that car I would be so happy”. There are two things that come in the way of being happy:

1) make your happiness depend on someone/something
2) make your happiness a reference point in the future

To be really happy it just needs a shift of your mindset. Being happy is actually a state of mind and a decision.

When I find myself doubting my life or being upset about not having “something” I take a moment to get quiet and calm. I sit down and pick three things that I can be grateful for. So many things we take for granted but they are not! I am grateful for having a healthy daughter, for having a safe place to live and for being surrounded by family and friends.

So I appreciate these things and create a space of gratefulness and happiness. It takes time to get used to this practice but it really helps you to improve your wellbeing and yes => happiness

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