Synchronicity vs. “coincidence”

Today I want to talk about “coincidences”. How often do you hear the exclamation “wow, what a coincidence!” or you wonder how come that you meet the exact people that fit to your current life situation like “out of the blue”. There are endless examples, i.e. you always have dreamed about hiking in the Alps and one day your friend calls you and asks if you were up for a hiking adventure there. You meet someone and in the process of getting to know each other better you discover an unbelievable number of things/interests/experiences that you have in common.

The truth is that there are no “coincidences”! This is all part of a synchronicity, an alignment that takes place when we start to think about certain things. Our universe is based on energy and when we think about certain things we are on a special frequency. People or situations on the same frequency get drawn to us and that is what lies behind it.

In his book “Mindpower into the 21.century” John Kehoe writes: “We live in a giant web of energy… When you begin imprinting success upon your subconscious mind it sets up a continuous vibration of this energy………. The subconscious works… with this vibration … attracting to you the people and circumstances necessary for your success.”

So next time you have this situation, thank the universe to help you reaching your goals and be amazed by the process!

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